Doctrine Data Expansion!

Posted 2 years ago by Conqhub

  • New Features
    • Applicable Doctrines for units.
    • In every unit page, the applicable doctrines that unit can use are now displayed.
    • Applicable Units for Doctrines.
    • In every doctrine page, the applicable units that doctrine can be applied to is now displayed, unless it can be applied to all units.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an error with the Modao Leadership values (Thanks Sleepy for reporting it).
    • Fixed an image error between Rare Polearm Doctrine I and Rare Polearm Doctrine II being swapped. ( Thanks rpgmaniac for reporting it).
    • Fixed an error with the Siphonari's kit being displayed cheaper than in game ( Thanks Sleepy for reporting it).
    • A few challenges were changed while some had different wordings, these have all been updated throughout all the seasons (Thanks Pidgeon for reporting it)
  • Updates
    • Added Cudgel Monks video guide by EvoLozGaming.
    • Added Greyhair Garrison video guide by Alan Apogee.
    • Added Modao Battalion video guide by BearBrownies.
    • Update all units from season 4 onwards with recommended doctrines.

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